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    Matteo Francescon, MSc, Psychotherapist and Counsellor

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  • 'The real power is the power to empower'

    In this section you can read about different aspects of therapy. This can help to have a more nuanced understanding of different themes, methods and theories.
    I also write about philosophy, plants and literature.

    In this section you'll find:
    - What therapy is;
    - How therapy works and how it can help;

    - An introduction to different types of therapy and their distinctive features (Existential Psychotherapy, Humanistic Psychotherapy and Relational CBT).

  • Psychotherapy

    There are a lot of different ways to understand therapy. In this page you can find an overview of different approaches.
    I'm trained in the Humanistic approach and I developed a good knowledge and understanding of other schools. I believe that for good outcomes of therapy, we need to integrate different approaches.
    I divided this page in three broad sections, representing the main models I use: Existential Therapy, Humanistic Psychotherapy and Relational CBT

    This approach considers the fundamentals of existence.

    What does it mean for me to be in the world?

    This approach looks at our human condition and tries to make sense of it with kindness and compassion.
    This is my core approach.

    CBT, the way I think about it, is an empowering tool I can offer to my clients to enable them to think about their mental health in a structured way.

    I think about self-help and CBT as building blocks. The client can make their own 'tool box'.