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'Bad Science'

Ben Goldacre (2008)

I was recommended to read ‘Bad Science’ by Ben Goldacre, in preparation for further studies, especially because the degree I’m about to start involves research. The author is quite witty and engaging, so it’s an enjoyable read.

Because this book was published in 2008, social media was not in the picture, unfortunately. I wonder how it would have been if it was written today, considering Twitter and online content. The author would have probably considered clickbaiting as an important factor in spreading bad science. However, this book is far from being ‘of its time’, because methodology in research still needs to be rigorous, and the same sort of terrible news articles are still written today (especially on social media!).

One of my favourite parts was the case of Matthias Rath and his ‘cure’ for HIV and AIDS. I admire Goldacre’s courage to speak up.

The author’s passion for ethicacy and transparency is inspiring. It helped me to feel hopeful going back to university and research.