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'Thinking, Fast and Slow'

Daniel Kahneman (2011)

Reading this book 11 years after its initial publication I realised how much of it has been integrated into everyday use.
The concept of System 1 and 2 are of common use amongst professionals. The concepts on heuristics and cognitive biases are also explored in extensive details. However the amount of details and precision is, in my opinion, somehow excessive. The minutios explanation of very simple concepts felt quite tedious and unnecessarily laborious. Sometimes I felt Kahneman was over-complicating something that, at its core, would be quite intuitive.

Maybe though, this book had to be written: someone had to summarise and explain all these heuristics and tell us we jump to conclusions and think in black-and-white.

I’m glad I persevered with this book, but I probably wouldn’t feel the need to read it again or reference it.