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The value of writing

Why knowledge needs to be shared

Knowing in itself is not enough, it is essential to pass the knowledge on.

For me, this became more apparent with time. After the end of my psychotherapy training and a lot of reflective writing, I became more aware of the skills and knowledge I accumulated during the years. I was privileged to have access to training. The awareness of privileges can induce guilt or stimulate gratitude and empowerment. I felt grateful and wanted to allow gratitude to inform me, so I asked myself what to do with this gift. I believe the best use of knowledge is when it creates empowerment. It’s somehow easy to be possessive of knowledge, and yet this doesn’t benefit anyone, not even the person who retains such knowledge. This ‘conservative’ approach only creates an imbalance of power, between those who have access to knowledge and those who don’t. Valuing equality is a moral decision, guided by values. I believe that knowledge needs to be accessible and shared. This is because when we share it, we multiply it. An open debate creates more culture, stimulating growth and development. This means that knowledge can increase in value only if it’s offered.