• Managing Panic Attacks

    ​How I think about panic attacks

    This video gives you a quick introduction to help you thinking about panic and how to manage it

    Self-awareness and change

    Sometimes it feels that self-awareness is not enough...

    How do we think about change then?

    It's important to address the paradox of change: the more I know myself the more I can transform.

    Anxiety and Creativity

    Anxiety if a very cognitive process.

    We want to turn that cognitive energy into something creative

    Learning to channel anxiety is really important and can make a difference between a state of panic and one of growth and self-development.

    Managing anxiety

    Introduction to CBT-based anxiety management

    This is a short video I made for the University of Bristol Student Counselling Service. It introduces the basis for a CBT intervention on anxiety management.
    We can all be anxious at times at we can all benefit from managing it better. This is an example of what I call 'relational' CBT.

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