• Psychotherapy and counselling are about being able to talk to someone in a safe and supportive environment. With a therapist you can find ways of being helped in make sense of your concerns or experiences, which may have left you feeling stuck, uncertain or anxious. Seeking therapy can lead to the development of a more satisfactory, effective and fulfilled life.


    Psychotherapy addresses your current problems. It aims to help you make sense of your life experiences in the past and explores how they are affecting you in the present.

    I have several years of experience, working with people with different presenting issues, such as:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Feelings of meaninglessness

    • Sexual issues and problems

    • Finding life too difficult to manage

    • Marital/relationship difficulties.

    • Traumatic life events

    • Feeling lost and empty

    • Difficulties with being a parent

    • Managing money

    • Control issues

    • Sexual abuse

    • Mid-life crisis

    • Lack of direction

    • Loss and grief

    • Life cycles and transitions

    Meetings take place at the same venue at a mutually agreed time(s) of the week. The sessions last for fifty minutes, the content is confidential, remaining between you and the therapist.

    The therapist aims to be emotionally available while engaging thoughtfully with what is troubling you. He seeks to clarify behaviours and attitudes that might be contributing to your problems.

    Facing up to difficult issues can be painful, however the therapist will be there to support you.

    Duration of therapy varies according to the nature and severity of the presenting problems.

    Helping someone manage a current crisis may take anywhere from a few sessions to up to six months of weekly therapy. Long term open ended work is always available.


    For initial consultation and on-going work the fee is £40 per 50 minute session.

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