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Brief guidelines for dreamwork

· Psychotherapy

Dreamwork is about paying attention to your dreams and learning something new about yourself.
As opposed to dream analysis, that is concerned with meaning, dreamwork is process-focussed. It is the mindful practice of looking at dreams as opportunities for development.

These are the three guidelines for dreamwork:

1) Intentionality
Dreamwork requires you to make a conscious effort to gather your dreams. If you write them down soon after you wake up, you'll have a very detailed description. The longer you wait the more you'll forget details.

2) Dreams are expression of self-regulation and development
Dreams tell us either that we're right, to reinforce our self-conference, or that we have something new to develop. In this second case, you can learn from your unconscious and develop a new growth-direction.

3) Creation of self-awareness
Self-knowledge is the developmental goal of dreamwork. Learning who we are and how we tell ourselves our own story.

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